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The Art of Fitting in With or Without the “IT” Item

January 15, 2015
'IT' Items

‘IT’ Items

Before I started The Committed Cool I was following bloggers and thoroughly analyzing their posts.

I saw trends, so many of the successful bloggers were showing the same “IT” Item. The Chanel Lambskin Medium Boy Flap Bag, Celine Pebble Tote, the Balenciaga Boots, the Chloe Susanna Studded Boots just  to name a few. These are beautifully designed but they are the opposite of what I want to show. The value of a blogger is on her style, on inspiring the audience. I do not want this to be about me showing you a piece that you saw and you will keep seeing and you will feel the itch to buy it because everybody is wearing it. I need to show you something that will inspire you and you will not find easily somewhere else – an original.

We all have old amazing pieces in our closets that we do not like anymore, right? It is like that song that you loved the first time you heard, but after it is being played so much, you “wore it out”. This is what happens to me. I see these items so much on so many people that I get tired of them. For some people, the more they see it, the more they want it.

Why do we wear what we wear? Why the need to flaunt designer brands? Why? Do we need validation as a person through brand display, through fashion? Maybe a little, maybe a lot. The sociology of fashion has always fascinated me. Through fashion we express who we are and what we want to project. Moreover, we express who we do not want to be.

Remember Samantha’s explanation in Sex and the City about the Birkin? “It is not so much the style, it is what carrying it means. When I am touring around town with that bag I know I made it”. I like Samantha, it is all about herself, she does not care what people think of her.

And then, this book comes out ‘How to be a Parisian” and it says something like: ‘Logos. You are not a billboard”

For those who do not like to flaunt logos, it gets difficult in the sneakers department. Converse, Adidas, Nike, etc.

An acquaintance told me that when she goes to Starbucks with her Louis Vuitton purse she always gets treated differently. I couldn’t believe it!  My husband says she should find a guy barista as he will look at her style not her brands.

I researched a little and I found this video in YouTube of this woman who goes to the mall flaunting designer brands and filming with her phone. The result: all the employees were polite to her. Then she goes back wearing sweat pants, filming again with her phone and she almost got arrested. Check it out:

Are we dressing up to get the sales clerks to be nice to us? I understand their motive. Chances are that if I am wearing a luxury logo, I can afford to buy more of them, and at the end of the day it is a commission check. There is some discrimination going on here.  What happens when I do not feel like dressing up but I am in the mood to use my credit card? So I go to the store, they treat me like a scene from Pretty Woman, I take it. But if the store clerk does not want to earn her commission from my purchase, I will go home and buy online. Is this the game we are playing?

It is human nature to reject the “ugly” and be attracted to the “pretty”. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, is it? We want the last cell phone, the fancy car, the luxury handbag because we need to belong, to fit in, to aim higher. In this circus called society, we all play a role. We care what other people think about us. We want to fit in wherever we are. We want to be respected, admired, and valued. Before we speak, they can see us, they can scrutinize us, and they can love us or hate us.

Let’s think different scenarios:

You are being interview for a job. What would the recruiter think about your “IT” Item? Will it get you closer to get the position or farther?
You are meeting your mother in law for the first time? Would she think you are high maintenance? Or that you are a great catch?
You meet your boyfriend’s friends for the first time. I can tell you this: they have no idea what are the “IT” items.

What is your motivation every morning when you get ready? Do you care about what your coworkers would think, they guy who works at Starbucks, your partner or just yourself? What do you think? Please share your thoughts with me in my comments section.