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All Black Days

October 23, 2014

paulo saini photopaulo saini photopaulo saini photo950-river facing_PSS0374spring_2014_10_11_22_25_07950-baranda_PSS0390-REQ-1spring_2014_10_11_22_26_50Hello. Thank you for visiting! 

This outfit choice includes my favorite Zara faux-leather short skirt with a diagonal zipper. The blouse is from the conscious H&M Collection. The perfect black and while loafer were found at Forever21!

I have a corporate job. So every morning is all about time management. Wake up, choose what I will wear, feed my 2 pets. Deciding an outfit in the morning is tricky. As shown today I have been choosing all black a lot. In my case it seems straightforward, however owning a Dalmatian dog it is not. This is where time management is a must. Do I really have time to use the lint roller?  His name is Simon and he sheds non-stop, 365 days a year.