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Awareness time

May 9, 2015
Animal Activism, change the world, earthlings, dream

Change the world!

I have been in dinners with vegetarian people in the past when I was not yet aware of what I was contributing to. I ate meat more than most of you. Remember, I grew up in Argentina, where a steak is an easy fix.

Six years ago, I found out about the horrific conditions of the factory farming, I read about it and still didn’t change. I printed a list that I found online of ten cruel practices going on in this world against animals. I started buying more vegetables, therefore decreased meat intake. But I did not stop there. Two years after I started following Peta in Facebook. I respect people who do not respect this organization; however it was my first step.  So I am thankful. Then I watched Food, Inc and Earthlings and I was done.  No more animal products for me.

But as you can see, it took me time. Therefore I conclude: Who am I to say how long has to take everybody else to make the connection? There are people that never will.

This was a process for me and for so many people. We all have our own timing to make changes in our lives. Before I criticize those who are still blindfolded I think about the time when I was blindfolded. Maybe the difference is that I never make fun of those fighting for a cause or doubt them.  That is a total different subject of conversation.

We torture ourselves with the thought of How can’t you see what is going on? Well, I wasn’t seeing it a decade ago. I did not eat meat on purpose to hurt animals, neither are them. They are not aware.  They are not rejoicing about animal cruelty on every bite they make.

We all have family members, friends that we love so much who we will keep in our lives no matter what they eat.  I can’t love them less. It is like not loving me a decade ago.

Does it hurt me? Does it affect me? Of course it does. I would love to be on the same page.  I struggle in social interactions. I keep my mouth shut many times. I do not judge. I do not feel that my opinion needs to be stated all the time.

I do not drink, I never liked the taste. My dad used to tell me that alcohol was good for me. I tried many times to drink, but one first sip is all I can do. Did I ever think that I should only be friends or relate to no drinking people? No, no and no. I love drinkers, eaters, republicans, democrats, liberals, conservationist, activists, blindfolded, happy, depressed, addicts, catholics, muslims, etc. I love people. They do not owe me anything. They do not owe me any explanation. They do what they want and it is their right, like it was mine before and it is now.