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Respect us all

January 27, 2015

I have encountered certain people that instead of appreciating other people’s activism, they are the radar police; always focusing on finding flaws on people’s behavior. You find trolls online all the time, however it is not the same when those acting as trolls are supposed to be on your team.let the dogs bark



Someone asked me yesterday if the faux leather I was wearing is produced under fair conditions. I do research the brands I buy from to make sure that they manufacture under fair conditions.

Many animal activists, who know how to cook, share their amazing dishes. They help me in this journey.  It never crossed my mind to ask any food blogger if the quinoa, soy, tempeh have been produced under fair conditions, if they bought the ingredients in a chain grocery store or in the farmers market.

I consider that you can take care of one thing at the time. Let’s not try to bite off more than we can chew. We are doing our best to consider the fairness in everything we do. We are not perfect. Haters are going to hate.


The problem with this attitude is that it hurts the actual cause. We are trying to help animals. . What good does it do to punish somebody for not being perfect that is on your side?  Why do activists need to explain themselves? Why does it feel like they need to apologize for not being perfect? It feels like if you are not 100%, you do not qualify, so go and buy fur.

Let’s stop attacking people that are not doing a lot, but doing a little. Let’s use our energy to lead by example, to be compassionate with all of us.

We have power as consumers. If a big fashion company like Zara starts noticing that more people are consuming faux-leather instead of real leather and they see that their inventory of cow leather has no demand, don’t you think they will adjust what they buy from their providers?  We support a business. We boycott another. We send messages with our purchase choices.

consumer power

Hopefully one day the world will not need activists.  Hopefully we will all be on the same team saving the world.

Please share your thoughts about this topic with me. I look forward to reading and learning from other’s point of views

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