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Luxury Queen Stella

December 23, 2016

Stella McCartney is the one creating awareness with famous people.

She is an activist as she is advertising how cool is to be sophisticated, sustainable, vegan and cruelty free.

Every time a celebrity is wearing Stella McCartney it is free advertising for cruelty free clothing and accessories.

We can argue that she is not cheap. However cheap clothing comes from sweat shops where not only they work in inhumane conditions but also they risk their lives as there were a few fires were a lot of workers died.

This interview is long, I would suggest to give yourself one minute to watch it, and if you can’t turn it off, you are like me. It is one of the best interviews I watched.


I am sharing some of her current items.

If you used to like fur, you can get here faux luxury fur. No animals harmed. No animals even used at all for this.



Purses, handbags, shoes, she is famous for her accessories:

Winter. We need sweaters. She had a really bad experience using a sustainable wool supplier from Patagonia. However Peta did an undercover and it was extremely cruel. The brand Patagonia was also using the same provider. Both stop using this cruel wool.

My take: next time you shop, check her website, her sale items. I got my shoes on sale and I am super happy and proud to wear them.


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