I need a winter jacket.

December 23, 2015

I decided that the products I owned before I removed the fold over my eyes will remain with me until I have no use of them.

In the case of cosmetics and food was easier. I run out of them and started replacing with cruelty-free options. I am still learning. I am still trying to find a good green dishwasher soap that really works. So far, no luck.

Regarding clothing, I have two feather fill down North Face jackets from years before.  Last two winters in Chicago we enjoyed something called “Polar Vortex” which means temperature as low as −16 °F (−27 °C). Therefore I was wearing the two jackets, one on top of the other. They are different sizes, one extra small and the other is small.

Anyway I really like how the extra small look on me, but last year I got a couple of holes in it. So it has to go and I have to find a cruelty free one that will keep me warm.

These are my options. I still did not make up my mind.

The North Face Thermoball. I tried it on. It feels so thin. Employees at the North Face store told me that it is not warm enough for Chicago winter weather.


Norh Face Thermoball

Norh Face Thermoball

The Columbia Jacket. Same experience at the store. Employees told me that is not warm enough for Chicago winter weather.

Columbia Mighty lite

Columbia Mighty lite

This new brand, at least new for me. Save the duck. I love the name. There is not a store in Chicago. I could find it in a fancy gym in River North. The truth is that I did not try them on. I contacted the company, they say that the below models are perfect for Polar Vortex. I really like them. I am not sure about “made in china” label.

save the duck green

save the duck


save the duck blue

Save the duck

And my last option is this vegan jacket, Hoodlamb. It is pricey. The big con for me is the material, it will keep all my dog hair. I have no time for a high maintenance jacket. But i love the design!

Hoodlamb vegan jacket

Hoodlamb vegan jacket

Do you own any of these ones? Which one do you prefer? Any model do you recommend?



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