October 29, 2016

I have been thinking and thinking about the best approach for activism. I am looking for the least offensive and effective. I arrived to a conclusion that the best approach is  is advertising.

The documentary Racing Extinction showed us people protesting in front of the restaurant that serves shark fin soup, the business was still on, until this activist came with a projector on the roof of his car, and screen on the wall of the restaurant the most amazing imaginary.  Done deal. Restaurant closed down its doors.


Racing Extinction

Racing Extinction


The also have this amazing images on the Empire State Building. You can see people walking the streets, stopping and looking up. We are interested in digital images now. Your phone, your computer, or this strong building.



This campaign in Times Square “BE FAIR BE VEGAN” made tourist look up and pay attention.

I do not think every action works. Some do, some don’t. If I write “Go Vegan”, it will get us nowhere. The question is why? So we need to show these pictures of beautiful animals, we need to show their magnificence, and also we need to keep showing the graphic content. I can’t stand it. But it is extremely effective.

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