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Luxury Queen Stella

December 23, 2016

Stella McCartney is the one creating awareness with famous people.

She is an activist as she is advertising how cool is to be sophisticated, sustainable, vegan and cruelty free.

Every time a celebrity is wearing Stella McCartney it is free advertising for cruelty free clothing and accessories.

We can argue that she is not cheap. However cheap clothing comes from sweat shops where not only they work in inhumane conditions but also they risk their lives as there were a few fires were a lot of workers died.

This interview is long, I would suggest to give yourself one minute to watch it, and if you can’t turn it off, you are like me. It is one of the best interviews I watched.


I am sharing some of her current items.

If you used to like fur, you can get here faux luxury fur. No animals harmed. No animals even used at all for this.



Purses, handbags, shoes, she is famous for her accessories:

Winter. We need sweaters. She had a really bad experience using a sustainable wool supplier from Patagonia. However Peta did an undercover and it was extremely cruel. The brand Patagonia was also using the same provider. Both stop using this cruel wool.

My take: next time you shop, check her website, her sale items. I got my shoes on sale and I am super happy and proud to wear them.


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November 12, 2016

Are you planning to buy a new pair of boots this winter?

Knee high? Chelsea? Rubber? All of them? I want a pair of each, the only requirement: vegan

Let’s start with Rubber boots. The Hunter boots, they look super cool, but 50% of the population have them. Let’s support other vegan brands.

Kamik is a vegan sustainable brand and they have boots that you can find online from  several retailers and of course their own website.





This Kamik boot comes in a few color combinations. They remind me of the Toyota PJ Cruiser truck that I used to love.



Lacrosse Alpha Thermal. I suffer from cold toes in winter. I like the rubber boots as they have more traction and it is easier to walk on ice without falling, but most of them are really cold. Now we have this Lacrosse boots, they are a little pricey but you would not need two pair of thermal socks.






Yes, we can find vegan boots in retailers such as Bluefly. Charles David has several vegan items. The more we buy the vegan products, the more manufacture will take notice.







I am a loyal Amazon customer, and they offer this “rustic” brown vegan knee high boot. Perfect for jeans or skirts. By the way, Amazon Smile  gives money to the charity of your choice with each purchase. It does not cost you anything.


AmazonSmile _ Pita-40 Women's Zipper Dressy Knee High Rider Boots with Buckle Accent _ Knee-High $67.00

AmazonSmile _ Pita-40 Women’s Zipper Dressy Knee High Rider Boots with Buckle Accent _ Knee-High $67.00


ASOS. I am always saving items in this site.  This pair of boots will be in my cart soon. Perfect for business casual wear.




Last Kamik boot. This is the warm one, the one you wear to walk the dog or to your next volunteer event during this winter.





The color. Isn’t it perfect?

I need a music festival now to wear this Free People vegan boots







New brand: Bourgeois Boheme. Please check out this brand. I am obsessed. The sole detail is magical.






ASOS. Chunky Chelsea Vegan Boots. How much you like them?




Another Amazon find. You saw it in the streets which means if you get them, you will wear constantly as it is for any occasion.


AmazonSmile _ Western Slip On Cowboy Distressed Ankle Pull on Bootie Women's Boot, Taupe Oil Finish $32

AmazonSmile _ Western Slip On Cowboy Distressed Ankle Pull on Bootie Women’s Boot, Taupe Oil Finish $32








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October 29, 2016

The best thing I did in 2016 was to buy CircleV tickets. I was not sure what I was doing as I was going to go by myself.  A week prior to the festival, I went by myself to see Sia’s concert at the United Center in Chicago.  I just realized that I do not like to go to places with people who does not care about the events as much as I do, so I’d rather go alone. The Sia concert was not the perfect scene as most people go in groups, but after a few seconds literally I was aware that I was by myself, I did not need anybody. 

Earlier that day when I arrived at LAX I was starving, so I googled quickly for vegan options near the hotel I had booked in Hollywood (around the block from the festival) and I said ‘OMG, there is a vegan restaurant in each block!”. Was this a sign that I needed to move to Cali? Anyway I set up the Uber app to drop me off at the Veggie Grill.

Veggie Grill

Veggie Grill

Let’s start the day with a real Veggie Burger:

Veggie Grill Burger

Veggie Grill Burger

After that I went for a walk, where I received signs that Cali was the place to be. First, I saw the Farmer’s market:

Hollywood Farmers Market

Hollywood Farmers Market

Hollywood Farmers Market

Hollywood Farmers Market

I wanted to buy it all, however I decided to fly light and I did not bring a suitcase,  just my Matt & Nat backpack. So I bought nothing.

I walked around, took a lot of pictures. I kept seeing more vegan restaurants.  And there it was the famous Trejo’s Cantina, known for having a lot of vegan options.

Danny Trejo Restaurant

Danny Trejo Restaurant

I got some coffee and made my way to the Festival. There was a line around the block. I put myself there, and I saw a lot of people by themselves. I was not the only one without vegan friends who wanted to go to the CircleV.

Circle V

Circle V

Circle V Festival line

Circle V Festival line

Excellent vendor selection.

Circle V Vendors

Circle V Vendors





The Kat Vond

The Kat Vond

Famous people eat too:

Tony Kanal

Tony Kanal

The speakers were the best selection possible.

Circle V Speakers

Circle V Speakers

Leilani Munter- Keegan Kuhn- JVM

Leilani Munter- Keegan Kuhn- JVM-Cowspiracy-Racing Extinction

20161023_174103John Saleey-Rich Roll-Dotsie Bausch-


JVM-Nathan Runkle-Gene Bauer- Ingrid Newkirk- Kat Von D

fb_img_1477358686317Sailesh Krishna Rao

Too many points that resonate with me deeply were spoken by these speakers. The most important one was the idea that there was no need to apologize for being an activist, for being kind.



I saw March Ching at the event, I am following him and all the work he is doing saving animals from the dog meat market in Asia. I built courage and I approached him, he was so down to earth, he even asked me for a hug! Who could use love more than those who have seen all the horrific animal suffering?

Marc Ching

Marc Ching


If you win the lottery of friends, it will be these ones, casually talking here.

Kathy Freston-Dr Neal Barnard-Ingrid Newkirk-Ethan Brown

Kathy Freston-Dr Neal Barnard-Ingrid Newkirk-Ethan Brown- Veganish-Blue Zones- Peta



Oh Moby, as if you did not do enough sharing your musical talent with the world and filling my soul with songs like ‘Everloving’ or ‘Porcelain’. You need to top it off showing that you are the best animal activist in the world. You give us so much hope working hard for the animals. Yes, I do not know you personally, and I never understood people saying “I love you” to people they do not know, but sorrynotsorry, I DO LOVE YOU!


Tony Kanal- Moby-Nathan Runkle

The trip was one of the best trips of my life. I felt empowered, optimistic and ready to change the world.

Are you coming next year?

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Running shoes. Are they vegan? Are they cruelty-free?

June 11, 2016

Research and more research. Does it mean they are vegan because they use the word “synthetic” in the description? Can i trust that the Stella McCartney Adidas shoes are really vegan?

There are many options out there that are for sure vegan. You can find them in the Vickerey or Mooshoes website. But do I like them? I am not sure.

How much should we pay for running shoes? We have to consider how long and how often we will wear them. I think it is appropriate to  pay more than for a pair of party stilettos. For sure I will wear the sneakers more.

vegan sneakers Nike

Nike Flyknit Green

vegan sneakers nike

Nike flyknit

Adidas Terrex vegan sneakers

Adidas Terrex

Adidas Terrex vegan sneakers

Adidas Terrex

Adidas Stella McCartney Boost 10

Adidas Stella McCartney Boost 10

Adidas Stella McCartney Boost 10

Adidas Stella McCartney Boost

Adidas Stella McCartney Boost

Adidas Stella McCartney Boost

Chic Fashion, cruelty free, fashion, women fashion

Poncho Gaucho Style

July 19, 2015

I try not to follow trends. I have seen fashion designers trying to create cool ponchos. I never bought those, however I saw friends wearing them and I love them.

My last trip to Argentina included to go through old pictures. I found this bad quality one of me, sitting on the floor wearing a poncho.


So i decided to visit stores that sell them. All those stores sell a lot of leather items, I turned my head not to see them. I was on a mission to find the best authentic cruelty free poncho for the fall season. And I did.

Childhood Poncho

Childhood Poncho


Continue Reading…

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Cruelty- Free Shoe Shopping

July 7, 2015

There are a lot of really good quality cruelty free shoes to buy online. We have the false belief that no leather shoes are low in quality. These high definition pictures show that you do not need to sacrifice your wallet or quality to look fabulous.


Asos Dreamer Sneakers $36_Fotor



LULU’S Daily Shuffle Black Perforated Slip-On Sneakers


LULU'S Daily Shuffle Black Perforated Slip-On Sneakers $22_Fotor




Asos Sadie Heels $45. Perfect to go to work.

Asos Sadie Heels $45_Fotor



LULU’S Height on Time Black High Heel Booties $31

Height on Time Black High Heel Booties $31_Fotor



River Island Gusset Block Heeled Ankle Boots $68


River Island Gusset Block Heeled Ankle Boots $68_Fotor

LULU’S Platform-ation Tan Wedge Sandals $30


LULU'S Platform-ation Tan Wedge Sandals $30_Fotor


LULU’S Reservation for Two Fuchsia Nubuck Single Strap Heels $30.  These pink sandals are a dream.


LULU'S Reservation for Two Fuchsia Nubuck Single Strap Heels $30_Fotor


Remember that:

Shoes are the pedestal


And don’t forget that:





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Awareness time

May 9, 2015
Animal Activism, change the world, earthlings, dream

Change the world!

I have been in dinners with vegetarian people in the past when I was not yet aware of what I was contributing to. I ate meat more than most of you. Remember, I grew up in Argentina, where a steak is an easy fix.

Six years ago, I found out about the horrific conditions of the factory farming, I read about it and still didn’t change. I printed a list that I found online of ten cruel practices going on in this world against animals. I started buying more vegetables, therefore decreased meat intake. But I did not stop there. Two years after I started following Peta in Facebook. I respect people who do not respect this organization; however it was my first step.  So I am thankful. Then I watched Food, Inc and Earthlings and I was done.  No more animal products for me.

But as you can see, it took me time. Therefore I conclude: Who am I to say how long has to take everybody else to make the connection? There are people that never will.

This was a process for me and for so many people. We all have our own timing to make changes in our lives. Before I criticize those who are still blindfolded I think about the time when I was blindfolded. Maybe the difference is that I never make fun of those fighting for a cause or doubt them.  That is a total different subject of conversation.

We torture ourselves with the thought of How can’t you see what is going on? Well, I wasn’t seeing it a decade ago. I did not eat meat on purpose to hurt animals, neither are them. They are not aware.  They are not rejoicing about animal cruelty on every bite they make.

We all have family members, friends that we love so much who we will keep in our lives no matter what they eat.  I can’t love them less. It is like not loving me a decade ago.

Does it hurt me? Does it affect me? Of course it does. I would love to be on the same page.  I struggle in social interactions. I keep my mouth shut many times. I do not judge. I do not feel that my opinion needs to be stated all the time.

I do not drink, I never liked the taste. My dad used to tell me that alcohol was good for me. I tried many times to drink, but one first sip is all I can do. Did I ever think that I should only be friends or relate to no drinking people? No, no and no. I love drinkers, eaters, republicans, democrats, liberals, conservationist, activists, blindfolded, happy, depressed, addicts, catholics, muslims, etc. I love people. They do not owe me anything. They do not owe me any explanation. They do what they want and it is their right, like it was mine before and it is now.

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Respect us all

January 27, 2015

I have encountered certain people that instead of appreciating other people’s activism, they are the radar police; always focusing on finding flaws on people’s behavior. You find trolls online all the time, however it is not the same when those acting as trolls are supposed to be on your team.let the dogs bark



Someone asked me yesterday if the faux leather I was wearing is produced under fair conditions. I do research the brands I buy from to make sure that they manufacture under fair conditions.

Many animal activists, who know how to cook, share their amazing dishes. They help me in this journey.  It never crossed my mind to ask any food blogger if the quinoa, soy, tempeh have been produced under fair conditions, if they bought the ingredients in a chain grocery store or in the farmers market.

I consider that you can take care of one thing at the time. Let’s not try to bite off more than we can chew. We are doing our best to consider the fairness in everything we do. We are not perfect. Haters are going to hate.


The problem with this attitude is that it hurts the actual cause. We are trying to help animals. . What good does it do to punish somebody for not being perfect that is on your side?  Why do activists need to explain themselves? Why does it feel like they need to apologize for not being perfect? It feels like if you are not 100%, you do not qualify, so go and buy fur.

Let’s stop attacking people that are not doing a lot, but doing a little. Let’s use our energy to lead by example, to be compassionate with all of us.

We have power as consumers. If a big fashion company like Zara starts noticing that more people are consuming faux-leather instead of real leather and they see that their inventory of cow leather has no demand, don’t you think they will adjust what they buy from their providers?  We support a business. We boycott another. We send messages with our purchase choices.

consumer power

Hopefully one day the world will not need activists.  Hopefully we will all be on the same team saving the world.

Please share your thoughts about this topic with me. I look forward to reading and learning from other’s point of views