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Luxury Queen Stella

December 23, 2016

Stella McCartney is the one creating awareness with famous people.

She is an activist as she is advertising how cool is to be sophisticated, sustainable, vegan and cruelty free.

Every time a celebrity is wearing Stella McCartney it is free advertising for cruelty free clothing and accessories.

We can argue that she is not cheap. However cheap clothing comes from sweat shops where not only they work in inhumane conditions but also they risk their lives as there were a few fires were a lot of workers died.

This interview is long, I would suggest to give yourself one minute to watch it, and if you can’t turn it off, you are like me. It is one of the best interviews I watched.


I am sharing some of her current items.

If you used to like fur, you can get here faux luxury fur. No animals harmed. No animals even used at all for this.



Purses, handbags, shoes, she is famous for her accessories:

Winter. We need sweaters. She had a really bad experience using a sustainable wool supplier from Patagonia. However Peta did an undercover and it was extremely cruel. The brand Patagonia was also using the same provider. Both stop using this cruel wool.

My take: next time you shop, check her website, her sale items. I got my shoes on sale and I am super happy and proud to wear them.


Chic Fashion, cruelty free, fashion, women fashion

Poncho Gaucho Style

July 19, 2015

I try not to follow trends. I have seen fashion designers trying to create cool ponchos. I never bought those, however I saw friends wearing them and I love them.

My last trip to Argentina included to go through old pictures. I found this bad quality one of me, sitting on the floor wearing a poncho.


So i decided to visit stores that sell them. All those stores sell a lot of leather items, I turned my head not to see them. I was on a mission to find the best authentic cruelty free poncho for the fall season. And I did.

Childhood Poncho

Childhood Poncho


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Full Black & White Skirt

November 7, 2014

What can I say? yes, I love full skirts and I love black and white. You will see more of it in this site.
When I started this website I promised myself that I will be loyal to my style and I will not be affected by the latest trend out there.
I know you have been there. You are at the store and find THE ITEM, the one that is so your style that can’t be denied.
Recap, full skirts and black and white combinations are here today and they will be here again.
The skirt is from Akira Chicago, you can buy it online. The jacket is from Zara, of course cruelty-free.


Black, Chic Fashion, cruelty free, fashion, faux-leather, women fashion, work clothes

The yellow skirt

November 2, 2014

950-spring_2014_11_01_17_44_42950-spring_2014_11_01_17_44_05I have a thing for big skirts, long and short ones. They are not the best bet for short women.  What can I do? In my mind I am super tall.  Anyway long time ago I decided that I will wear everything I like as long as I am loyal to my taste.

This yellow one is from Zara. The same for the amazing moto faux leather Jacket.
Akira Chicago carries a lot of faux leather items like this purse. Perfect size.

Black, Chic Fashion, cruelty free, dress, fashion, faux-leather, women dress, work clothes

Little Black Dress

October 23, 2014

walking_dress_PSS0425-P-1 spring_2014_10_11_22_27_45-950walking_back_dress_PSS0690-1spring_2014_10_11_22_23_29-950perfil-dress_PSS0469-1spring_2014_10_11_22_25_55-50walking_dress_PSS0791-1spring_2014_10_11_14_19_09-950spring_2014_10_06_20_38_16-50The mornings that I decide to wear a dress are always the most efficient days. One less item to think about. This perfect black faux-leather dress was also found at Forever21. Therefore, I did not break the bank. The shoes are Franco Sarto.  Everything faux-black-leather.  The blazer, I am in love with it. It is from Zara. I like it so much that I want to wear every day and at the same time, I do not want to wear it because I want it to last forever.

Black & White, Chic Fashion, cruelty free, fashion, women fashion

All Black Days

October 23, 2014

paulo saini photopaulo saini photopaulo saini photo950-river facing_PSS0374spring_2014_10_11_22_25_07950-baranda_PSS0390-REQ-1spring_2014_10_11_22_26_50Hello. Thank you for visiting! 

This outfit choice includes my favorite Zara faux-leather short skirt with a diagonal zipper. The blouse is from the conscious H&M Collection. The perfect black and while loafer were found at Forever21!

I have a corporate job. So every morning is all about time management. Wake up, choose what I will wear, feed my 2 pets. Deciding an outfit in the morning is tricky. As shown today I have been choosing all black a lot. In my case it seems straightforward, however owning a Dalmatian dog it is not. This is where time management is a must. Do I really have time to use the lint roller?  His name is Simon and he sheds non-stop, 365 days a year.