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Hi I am Claudia from TheCommittedCool.com

I am committed to look fabulous in cruelty free fashion

My goals are:

• Support independent cruelty free fashion manufactures.
• Send a message to leather focus designers, hopefully they pay attention.
• Make everybody aware that there are other materials that can make you equally happy and are cruelty free.
• Curate fashion items for those of you who are tired of only finding cheap looking options a place to shop for sustainable fashion.
• Be part of a fashion revolution

I like fashion, i like to dress up, i like to look great, i will not settle, i refuse to think that cruelty free and a luxe wardrobe are mutually exclusive. I do not want to choose between looking good and being environmentally aware

Reasons why i feel i have the duty to share:
• I get ask daily: where did you get that purse/shoes/dress? I can’t believe it is not leather. I have this skill; I find the coolest, most expensive looking item in a budget friendly store.
• I can’t let you wear those ugly vegan heels.
• I have a background in textiles. My family in Argentina owns a textile manufacturing company where i worked for 14 years. I learn a lot about quality.
• I care about our well-being. Animal skins used for clothing are loaded with toxic chemicals. Not good!
• Environment: leather companies contaminate the water with lead, formaldehyde and cyanide, which cause cancer to the nearby population

Let’s change the world together. One faux leather jacket at the time.

One cause at the time


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  • Reply Julieta October 28, 2014 at 7:26 pm

    I love your proposal!!!! 🙂
    Revolutionary cruelty free and luxurious looking clothing! thanks!!!

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